Gold Future Import Export Development Co., Ltd were established on dated May 11, 2015 at Ho Chi Minh City with slogan “make the better to the best”, with initially 3 main members, we put our business criteria to bring good quality from Vietnam to all consumers around the world.

From begin of establishment, the company had to hire one small factory, looking for fresh material from each sea port from some provinces as Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vung Tau in Central to Ca Mau in Southern are of Vietnam, our first items include Grouper, Red Snapper, Fusillier, Gold Band fish, we choose each pc of the highest quality fish for production to ensure that our customer were pleased with Vietnam fish’s quality.

With our experience, with try our best, we had some first order to export to USA, Australia then we moved factory to another bigger once in current to develop our scale of production and human resource, we have expanded more items like as White Snapper, King Snapper, Parrot Fish, Emperor, Mahi, Barramundi, etc... We have built our reputation step by step on the marketplace on the world, we have more customers from EU, Canada, Dubai, etc…

Currently, in the 9th year of business, we are proud that we are among the top Vietnamese marine fish exporters to other countries. We are also proud that we have contributed a small part to development of our Vietnam country by bring export revenue yearly. We constantly strive to perfect and improve product quality and service better.